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try using jdownloader. It typically has workarounds to handle this stuff seamlessly.

Yeah I’m not too keen on it either tbh. I prefer lemmy as well. I tried in the past with scuttlebutt as well but it didn’t stick.

Cheers! I’ll make a sticky in /r/piracy soon to make people update their bookmarks and maybe we can have some early adopters here as well

There’s other alternatives, like Aether or my own lemmy instance. But I tend to try the path of least resistance first.

Years of prime advice was nuked when you erased everything but the last 6 months of history.

You realize the alternative was to lose the subreddit to the reddit admins, yes?

Unfortunately, point A is unavoidable. We already got contacted by the reddit admins with an almost impossible demand (police not only new stuff, but also historical stuff) so we had to take a very draconian approach to avoid takedown.

While I agree with point B myself, being a staunch proponent of copylefts, it doesn’t make sense to censor people for not being as radical as we area. It’s by rubbing noses with us that they will change their tune.

To be clear, I am generally not against being more explicit anti-centralized, but while growing /r/piracy, it didn’t make sense.

At the same time, I welcome genuine pro-piracy mods from reddit who would like to get started over here, and do a better job building and growing this community more than I ever could. If you sticky a post or put something in the sidebar of /r/piracy having this as a backup, I’ll mod you.

Done. Check the the sidebar in https://old.reddit.com/r/Piracy/

The main objective here is to be able to redirect people over and make sure we don’t splinter the community if and when reddit takes action against /r/piracy.

If I am going to redirect all the sizable community of reddit /r/piracy to a safe haven, I feel I have a responsibility to make sure that the destination is well run. The only way I can do that is to be a mod.

I’m the top mod of /r/piracy in reddit. Can I get a mod position?
Hey y'all, In the past [I had arranged that /f/piracy in raddle.me would be the fallback forum](https://www.reddit.com/r/Piracy/comments/b2fte3/the_fallback/) for /r/piracy, but I recently noticed that raddle.me has disabled new user registrations and that would be a problem in case we need it. And with reddit about to go public, it might be needed. Instead of trying to spin up my own lemmy instance, I was thinking if I could get a mod position in this forum and specify it as the official /r/piracy fallback instead. Feel free to [PM me in reddit](https://www.reddit.com/user/dbzer0/) for verification.

Hey everyone, for the past year I've been working on a [card game framework](https://github.com/db0/godot-card-game-framework) and I've recently started working on my own game using it. Please take a look and give it a try. I welcome any and all feedback, and you want to contribute in any area, I'd love the help!