Attempting to be creative at various things at various times, for example: #Filmmaking, #CreativeWriting, #GraphicDesign, etc.

Let’s make a better world together! (In a neato fun awesome way that is. Not in a Weyland-Yutani way.)

He/His, Strawberries > Bananas, A third thing.

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A real good example of fudge around and find out.

Youtube compilation.

I had around ten thousand or so tweets. Been archiving and deleting for a while now, down to 59. So close!

Watching my city shoot itself in the ass in real time...

Trinity Fatu makes Impact debut.

Just a shirt OR a poor choice OR a poor choice without a better design? To me it really seems like if you're wearing it, you're going to have a lot of explaining to do everywhere you go. It doesn't read as a wrestling shirt, or a movie/tv show/videogame, it's just going to come off as a shirt with a random woman who's been assaulted on it. Yikes. #AEW #BrittBaker

I’d agree with both. The generally calmer and ad free experience here makes it a good Reddit alternative. It being federated opens things up better as well.

I know what they’re going for but yeah it does seem like an iffy move to sign everyone up for a main server. Unless they’re letting people get settled and then emailing/encouraging them after a couple weeks/months to change instances?

Problem with that being that most people won’t want to move after setting things up in the first place.

Classic WCW Mastercard Commercial
Get yours just in time for the company to go out of business!

Neato! Very interesting/potentially creepy. 🤪

Triple H reveals the new World Heavyweight Championship
What do you think of WWE's new World Heavyweight title belt?

I'm in Canada so I can't get some of these but I will say that number 4, the Chao slices are really good.

Hmm. Guess that’s why DDG wasn’t accessible through my SearX the other day. Bah!

Welcome to the community! Just a quick test post. Looking forward to all the federated discussions. Have fun and be excellent to each other folks!

A less messy and equally as comprehensive version of IMDB would be fantastic. I’m not sure what that would look like exactly; instance of something vs a full blown federated platform of its own… But would be cools either way.