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  • I feel like the two-week notification topic is vague enough that it can end up screwing with a bunch of normal curriculua, though.

    The article goes a bit further on that topic:

    H.B. 1312 amends a law that requires public school educators to give parents at least two weeks’ notice before any instructional material or program about human sexuality. In the amended version of the bill, educators must give parents at least two weeks’ notice before discussing sexual orientation, gender, gender identity, or gender expression.

    It was already policy to give two weeks notice before teaching programs about sexuality, but this new verbiage seems like it expands that application beyond specifically sex-ed curricula.

    For example, if I’m an English teacher and I want to bring in a work of queer lit into the classroom, or even just a classic text that happens to feature a gay character or queer themes like The Color Purple, what does this mean for me? Do I now have to give that two-week notice every time we start one such text, and then have to pivot my entire unit plan if even one ultra-religious parent does not consent?

    If I am a science teacher and one student asks a question about whether or not homosexuality is natural, and I point out that there are a number of other animal species that practice homosexual behavior, am I now penalized because I acknowledged the topic in the classroom without giving advance notice?

    Or since it even covers “gender” as a topic, does this affect my ability to discuss the different social roles of men and women in the 20th century and the issue of women’s suffrage?