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  • I don’t really know how to feed everyone without TFWs either, to be honest. They really are so much better at this work than any local Canadians I’ve met, myself included. And people are only willing/able to spend so much on their food. I’m paid better than most farm workers because my boss is idealistic and willing to pay himself very little in order to pay us more and sell at a price regular people can afford, not just wealthy people. He can only get away with paying himself so little because he lives in an off-grid cabin and I’m pretty sure his parents are rich. It’s a nice job for me and we do feed quality produce to people who normally couldn’t afford it, but it’s only about 200 people. Places like this aren’t going to feed all of Canada.

    I hope you get your farm one day, though. It feels good feeding people.

    Editing just to clarify that I don’t think it’s okay to treat TFWs like we do. People need to be paid and treated properly regardless of where they come from.