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snap/ folder in the home directory is so disrespectful. I absolutely despise these apps that think they’re “too good” to follow proper xdg standard

The sandboxing issue is actually an important one that is being figured out at the xdg-protocol level. It affects Snaps, Flatpak, and any future goal of being able to run user-space apps in an environment more like Android or iOS, where it prompts a permission asking to access certain files/folders/cameras/etc on your device.

(If you don’t like that idea, don’t worry I’m sure you’re not alone and there will always be distros that follow the current status quo of “give everything”, but it’s a cool feature to have)

They broadcast all their notifications with priority set to 0, which overrides Do Not Disturb and custom notification filter settings.

Put less kindly, the developers are arrogant fucks. This reason alone is enough for me to package apps on Flathub.org.

(Play Runescape? Check out the 2009 emulation available as a Flatpak!)

It’s true, if something is closed source there’s no way to verify it’s secure, and if it’s not secure, it’s not private.

I would have switched to Vivaldi years ago if the whole thing was open source, but there’s no way in good consciousness I can support a closed source browser

History shows people do the exact opposite.

Ehhhhhh… You don’t hear about the cases where the aggressors win

Really hoping this doesn’t get NATO’s involvement.

Ukraine fighting off Russia with solely financial support was a message to the world to not declare war on other countries. If the goal is less war, NATO going to war is obviously not a solution.

Doesn’t help your news link came out before the missile was known

For people wondering how wealthy Jeff is: https://mkorostoff.github.io/1-pixel-wealth/

And for the cynical, Bill Gates - As much as he hurt Linux and FOSS - has done a tremendous amount of help in the world through the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation

In a six-month experiment, people who received cash transfers of $10,000 generally reported feeling happier than people who did not receive the payment.


You know all the laws of France, and know you haven’t broken them? Damn, I’ll call you instead of a lawyer next time

People were recommending SimpleX as an alternative messenger that’s encrypted-by-default, but falls back to SMS when the other person doesn’t have it

Kherson was one of the four regions annexed by Russia in September. The remaining regions are Donetsk, Luhansk and Zaporizhzhia oblasts (and of course Crimea).

If people didn’t like it they would downvote it

Not any different from their strategy 15 years ago. Give it to people for free so they become dependent on the ecosystem: https://www.theguardian.com/technology/blog/2007/jul/18/winningthrough

Noo I wish I went to a tournament though! Even if you can do sub60 you can compete in most. I’ve done tournaments for other activities though, I highly recommend you give it a shot

Congrats! Beats my PB 19s

What method? I did F2L + 3LLL

“Things developed for X11 aren’t working on Wayland” is different than “New things seem to be better on Wayland”

::: spoiler Click to view bonus question Does the second robot's answer matter? :::

It feels like upvotes don't have enough weight in the algorithm, as the order is almost always newest-comments-first

What did the Viet people ever do to you, @yorma?
![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/c6e00e47-19f8-414f-adc5-c9681313712e.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/b0952131-f7ad-4891-8478-b4a8648cc631.png) ![](https://lemmy.ml/pictrs/image/43106a3c-8eb8-44e2-b665-fb8757c3e201.png) These aren't even recent events. Vietnamese people must be pretty passive if you have to go all the way back to 2019 to find a case of organized crime.

What are you glad you did before you died?
"debated more NATO shills/tankies on Lemmy" probably won't be on that list

The Real Issue with Github Copilot - You Forget *How* Your Code Works (From the Perspective of a User)
I've been using Github Copliot since beta. In general I find it an extremely nifty tool, and definitely recommend it to developers of any skill level to try out. There's a lot of complaints about Copilot, that IMO are somewhat valid, but also negated. For instance, Copilot is undeniably laundering FOSS code.. But it's also laundering proprietary code. Specific licensing aside, everything Copilot is doing here is lowkey making software much more collaborative and closer to at least some ideas open source stands for. Another thing people bring up is Copilot would make you forget how to code. After almost a year of using it, I have to disagree. Things like setting up the environment, making architectural decisions, and integrations are always the hardest part about coding, and regrettably Copilot doesn't help with that. Even if Copilot makes you "lazy", so does any good tool. **The real problem is I don't know what my code is doing anymore.** It's not that I don't read what Copilot spits out, but when you don't have to put in the effort writing it, **you forget the details** much more quickly. The obvious side effect is you spend much more time debugging your code, trying to figure out how it works, when you only wrote it a week ago.

This kind of explains the teeter-totter you see in comment sections, especially on posts that are a few days old but still on the front page thanks to Lemmy's algorithm. It looks like, surprisingly, Lemmy.ml has not turned into an echo chamber like all the other alternatives did. Maybe we got Federation to thank for that? 🇨🇳 🇺🇸