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  • That would be one of my first complaints, if I die and God does exist I would like to give them a list of bugs to fix next time around. Just make cancer not start growing until, ya know, after childhood. There is a timer on puberty, so why not make one for cancer and extend it till adulthood or 25 or something?

    If I get sent to Hell or whatever, then okay. Whatever, but holy shit God. You are fucking up.

  • SMB 3 was a big deal when it came out. Not only was the game a delight to play, but they had a whole ass movie where they “debuted” the game at the end of it. The whole movie was pretty much a long Nintendo commercial showing different games and the power glove and all. The end was a video game competition and SMB 3 was the surprise game. They even showed where to get the first warp whistle.

    I liked that movie.

  • Not who you replied to, and Gaiman may be innocent, but we should listen and find out. The “absolutely reasonable assumption” is probably based on his age and how he was raised.

    I don’t know how many men you dealt with that were raised with the mindset of “if she said yes once it means she says yes ALL THE TIME,” but some men feel that way. Hell a very famous and still popular movie has “Tell me more. Tell me more. Did she put up a fight?” In the opening of the movie. It seems kind of reasonable to me to assume being raised that “no” is something you have to “fight through” might mess with head.

    I’m not trying to justify any actually actions. I’m just saying I would listen to the victims before I dismiss the accusations just because I like the art he makes.

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    This reminds me of a stupid ass joke. I know it’s cringe but here it goes…

    You know when you play metal or rock records backwards they say you will hear satanic messages or whatever BS panic was going on with KISS and all that?

    Well guess you what you get when you play country music records backwards?

    You get your dog back, you get your truck back, you get your girlfriend back.