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TactileTurn side click pen, Leatherman PS Style, Urban Carvers dice bead, Aroundsquare mkultra, aroundsquare zircuti Sigma begleri

    • WrenOP
      4 months ago

      Thank you - that’s absolutely it, which is why I’m not engaging with the other comments on this anymore, because it just feels like feeding the trolls at this point. I thought I was being quite polite and respectful in my response above. I have a lot of patience for people that don’t get it - but not a lot for intentional closed-mindedness. I’m trying to help make this place a more positive and welcoming community, that’s all. The EDC community here on Lemmy is too small to already start with the gatekeeping, it won’t do anyone any favours to be all ‘post what you carry and consider essentials… but not like that’