• @Ranvier
    4 months ago

    I assume you’re alluding to the United States, though a little different than what this article is suggesting they’re actually in on the global corporate minimum tax rate deals, Biden backed it.


    Still has to be ratified of course, and uh, easier said than done with congress the way it is at the moment.


    • @KevonLooney@lemm.ee
      64 months ago

      Yeah, the US would love for tiny tax havens like Malta or Jersey to ratify these tax treaties. Ireland had to be almost beaten up by the rest of the EU to stop cheating them out of tax money.

      So many companies, like Apple, were designing things in America, producing things in Asia, selling them around the world, and pretending a 100 person office in Dublin controlled everything. It was like the Mafia guy who owns nothing because his mom or his girlfriend or friends own a bunch of houses and businesses. It’s obviously fake.