I posted this question because I once saw a tweet that said something like:

“If you use adblock, you don’t care about creator’s point blank”

What is your opinion on this? Do you agree with them?

  • @solitarius
    1911 months ago
    • I don’t like getting bombarded with ads.
    • It hides scam ads.
    • If the creator of something makes something I like I prefer to directly donate to them instead of giving up my privacy, and letting a company like google profit of it, and then they only give a small portion to the creator.
    • @CmdrShepard@lemmy.one
      1111 months ago

      This “you don’t care about creators” is a sham argument designed to make you feel guilty. I hear this about piracy a lot. “You’re depriving all those blue collar people of a paycheck!” meanwhile the WGA has been on strike for weeks because big studios are screwing them over on pay. It’s the corporate executives that are screwing these people over not some individual who downloaded a torrent or installed an adblocker. One only needs to look at who is funneling all the money into their own pockets and it surely isn’t the general public.