Quick summary of the article

  • New fan, it’s quieter than both of the previous fans. Will be a huge upgrade for Delta fan users.

  • Old SSD will work, so anyone with a larger SSD from their previous deck should be able to move the SSD with all their games over to the new deck.

  • While the deck is easier to open with the new screws, there is now a ribbon cable run on the outside of the heat shield over the SSD. This cable is glued in place, meaning it’s required to disconnect the cable and carefully separate it from the adhesive. An unfortunate decrease in repairability for the device.

  • Most old accessories will work fine, with the exception of replaceable back plates. Even screen protectors should work, since most covered the bezel before.

  • Carrying case has several improvements on the larger model, including Velcro to hold it closed with the zipper closed, and a removable insert case that offers a slimmer, lower protection option.

  • The charging light on the deck is now multi-colored and can change color to let you know when the deck is fully charged.

  • FubarberryOPM
    143 months ago

    Yeah, that video is really good and very indepth.