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yup, just somebody up there on a stationary bicycle that powers the blower motor.

You’re not gonna get an AI to replace the air conditioner in your attic.

Silver lining to U.S. Collapse is that we’ll slowly see the international community refuse to collaborate with our shenanigans.

“The world faces a clear and present danger from the DPRK (North Korea),” she told the council. “Council restraint and silence has not eliminated or even reduced the threat. If anything, DPRK has been emboldened.”

Absolutely histrionic.

never saw it before but i’m hunting. found a report dated march 9 2022 here with a video from democracy now that has some clips. not sure if they comprise the whole thing.

Edit: https://rumble.com/vwjn3v-2014-ukraine-coup-victoria-nuland-geoffrey-pyatt-leaked-phone.html seems to be the full one.

I just asked because I find a lot of people across Linux spaces who absolutely trash it but their only source is some plaintext website that reads like a stalker keeping track of every mistake the manjaro team has ever made.

I don’t know how long ago “when i was first starting out using Linux” was, but if it was longer than I’ve used it I’d venture to say that they’ve improved stability since then. The only exception seems to be EOL kernels and Nvidia drivers, since AFAIK pamac-gui does absolutely nothing to warn users that their kernel is EOL which is a bizarre decision.

Are you speaking from experience or just repeating what you’ve heard? I’ve used Manjaro daily for over 2 years and haven’t had an update bork my system ever, and I’ve even been on the testing channel for the past few months.

they want to pivot into becoming a production company production companies are threatened by this

I thought it was the opposite, where all the production companies saw $$$ in Netflix’s business model and Netflix started producing to fill in their content because it was getting a little sparse for a minute. idk