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I believe they should be allowed at any time.

What does give me pause, though, is abortions that occur because of disabilities found before birth. When it comes to those, my belief in bodily autonomy crashes into my belief that eugenics is a terrible thing. In those cases I still believe it should be legal because there isn’t really a decent way to regulate that without hurting tons of innocent people, but I do believe that if you abort because you find out your child will have Down Syndrome, you are doing something awful.

They honestly could, their game output is pretty fast. Not to say they should.

Arkenfox’s page on extensions is helpful for cutting down your extension list by using built in browser tools and expanding the capabilities of the few you should keep.

I’m not super concerned as a user of the search engine and not the browser. When I see stuff like this it certainly gets me paying a bit more attention, but I think DDG is still fine and I don’t mind using it while it continues to have the best experience for privacy-conscious search engines. This appears to be a legitimate issue with the browser, but nearly every bad headline I’ve seen about the search engine has turned out to be complete bs.

If this is enough to shake your trust in anything they touch, fair enough, but I’m not there yet.

Have none of these been updated to libadwaita, or are you forcing the old Adwaita theme in libadwaita applications?

I love GNOME but I really don’t like the flatter direction they’re taking.

Homeschooling in America is segregationist bullshit.

In a vaccuum I’m not against the idea of parents teaching their kids, but in reality it’s almost never just that. Here at least.

I’m going to paste my comment from a similar topic:

I find that conversation flourishes when you limit it to a certain degree. In spaces which are completely open and have a massive range of opinion, what you’ll find is mostly yelling at each other over broad talking points that everyone is already familiar with. After a while, nothing of interest comes out of the far left clashing with the far right all the time. But when you limit it, time can be spent doing other things than yelling at the dickhead on the other side who you have little to no overlap with and see as a dire enemy. You can talk about nuances in principles, differences in organizing, etc. It makes for richer, more interesting conversation.

There’s also quite a huge range within the umbrella of leftism, and honestly we already have a huge enough gap there that there’s a lot of worthless clashing. Broadening that would only make the site worse.

It’s contextual. “Females” is often a slightly nicer way of saying “removed,” but it’s also often just a neutral term. I’d say the top comment from /u/frankaiden02 in that thread gets it right.

What are the best Linux native ports?
I've never been a "no tux no bux" person, but I have to admit that I am a little worried about possible over-reliance on Proton in the years ahead. I'd like to support more Linux native games, but so many of them have ports so awful that there's no reason not to use WINE anyway. Whether they be actually broken, slow due to OpenGL, or just generally wonky...there's a lot of shitty ports out there. So I'm curious: what ones are particularly polished or impressive?

I’m still getting results for the few of these I tried. People on other sites are also reporting that it’s working for them.

iirc this has happened before and it was just a mistake in how they implemented bing results. I hope that’s the case here again.

And finally people need to eat and earn money on the internet, either you sell a product (which needs advertising) or you are the person who does that promo or advert.

Ignoring the nitpicking of what “advertising” means, no they don’t. The internet doesn’t have to be an avenue for people to make money. You may prefer that to be the case, but it is not an absolute requirement. Personally, I would prefer this ad-driven web collapse entirely so that the only web pages are small sustainable passion projects.

Oh jeez that’s a shame. It at least makes me feel better about not being on Android anymore…I missed NewPipe, but if it holds a weak stance like that as a project then I’d rather use something better anyway.

There is no ethical advertising.

I’m not saying it’s useless, but I can’t imagine what I’d want this for. Can someone give a practical use for these different movement options?

I’m not saying it’s difficult, but it’s a relatively shaky experience not meant for regular usage. They’re called “Testing” and “Unstable” for a reason. Sid requires you to watch your updates and be sure nothing fucky is happening…that’s a notable extra step to just using your system that not everyone wants to deal with.

I love Debian and all but use Fedora on most of my machines simply because for my use case of high spec gaming, up to date packages are all but required and using a system designed to be used that way is a much smoother experience than using the development version of a system not trying at all to cater to my needs.

Because Fedora tries harder than Debian to be an approachable and polished system out of the box. That, and if you need newer packages than what’s in Debian Stable then the experience is better on a distro like Fedora than making Testing or Sid work. Not to say that those options are bad, but depending on what you value Fedora might be closer to what you previously got out of Ubuntu than Debian.

It’s certainly possible that that was the order of things, but given that Twitter started out somewhat more idealistic and open, I wouldn’t be surprised if as soon as the financial ties and responsibilities toward Twitter fell away, he had a chance to look around at the state of the internet and feel genuine remorse.

Fuck him regardless, but I don’t think he necessarily planned it to be this way. It’s reasonably likely that we’re watching a monster finally start to process how much harm they’ve caused the world.

While this redefining of the term is happening, that isn’t what’s meant here.


Two cows

Elden Ring freesync / VRR issues?
I'm able to work around this by manually setting my monitor to their fps cap of 60, but if I leave it at 165hz with freesync on, it'll rapidly swing between 60 and 165, as if it has no idea where to land and adding a noticeable amount of stuttering in the process. I've only ever seen this noted on random ProtonDB reports and it's just so strange, as it works just fine with every other game I've played, where at the very worst it's just useless. Currently experiencing this on GNOME with x11 on amd hardware, but I've had it happen with other setups as well. I guess this is a PSA as well. If you have a high refresh rate display, set it directly to 60hz to improve your experience in these games. Normally freesync would make this unnecessary, but that's not the case here.