Guy who finished a law degree for some reason. I didn’t mean to, it just kinda happened

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  • Ah yes, happy birthday tenant, here’s a rent increase. We compared your northern suburbs 1 bedroom apartment to inner eastern suburbs two bedroom apartments and decided we deserve more money.

    FUCK Real Estate Agents. I will be disputing this, or at the very least forcing the issue and making them give me air con if they want the increase. I’ve been in this flat three years and the damn thing is practically unlivable.

    Day ruined. Fuck you Real Estate Agent.

  • I’m very very glad that this sudden and weird internet outage happened this close to five. Shitty that I’m WFH when it happened though.

    Anyone else’s network gone down? I’m with exetel in the northern suburbs on a HFC network.

    EDIT: Welp, clearly something’s wrong, given I called the support number 35 ago. Was supposed to have a haircut this arvo, but guess that’s not happening until the weekend