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For all its faults, it was in many ways better than what there is currently.

It has always been a backwards islamistic hellhole. This year they’re on the spotlight because of some annual football tournament takes place there.

Everybody’s stressed about whether to choose human rights or their favourite sports team. (Spoiler: they choose the sports team)

Sure, but all participants of WW2 engaged in terror, yet prosecuting Nazis was ok. This is similar.

Are there options for fixing Russia that doesn’t include a collapse? Fascist states like Russia seem to have a very strong grip to power.

And do you have “better” information?

Yes, and you also have it. Simply read the article. What you seem to have is gut feeling, at least until you give us better information, i.e. sources.

We all know that the officially reported inflation rate is much lower than the actual one.

Sorry, what?

GDP should be adjusted for inflation, but it’s using the official numbers, which are lower, and it looks like GDP has gone up.

Yes, but it’s now clear that you do not in fact have better information. Glad we cleared that up.

I think but am not 100% certain that these figures are real GDP, which takes inflation and deflation into account. Do you have better information?

Might be soon, but not yet. And since Europe had growth in 2022 Q3 (just barely with 0.2%, but still), the earliest we could technically be in recession is 2023 Q2.

Since Europes economy grew in Q3

Oh, cool. For some reason that’s news to me. Been reading too much tankie bullshit, perhaps. Propaganda works!

The definition of recession is two consecutive quarters of decline in GDP. So that is Q2 and Q3 here, which means that Russia started on that path almost immediately after launching their unilateral war against Ukraine. Europe is projected to get there in Q4, so one quarter later.

Recession is to be expected in a situation like this but unfortunately this will not break Putin’s regime alone. Sustained support of Ukraine will be needed for a long time. Good thing is that Europe and West can easily do that, and as we proceed to isolate Russia completely, the economic hit will start to diminish.

Like every economic downturn, this will also hit those in the weaker positions the worst. That’s obviously also on Putin’s list of sins.

They might, since a lot of countries have seized Russian assets all over the world. Many countries have suggested giving those assets to Ukraine as payment for the crimes they have suffered. But real reparations, actually honestly paid by Russia, are probably a bit of a pipe dream.

I think it’s still important to show them and the world how barbaric their actions are, even if they themselves end up just ignoring them. Like here, this place seems sometimes a very sad place with lots of utterly lost people, but if we keep telling the truth, perhaps one or two tankies eventually will gain reason. The value of such a thing shouldn’t be understated.

It’s premature to say that they’re Russian. Seems like the US is suspecting something else.

Same energy: America has American-style schools.

Decent, but of course pretty pointless.

Probably not, since China seems to have ordered Russia to stop threatening the world with Nuclear Annihilation.

More likely, rulers who have been rulers for far too long will lead to it. Russia’s Putin, North Korea’s Kim dynasty, possibly China’s Xi Jinping some time later if he keeps hanging to power for another decade.

I’m cynic enough to imagine that he’ll eventually come out on top of all this.

Sorry, I’m not following. Which one is which?

edit Ok, that was obviously sarcasm, but I’m sure a lot of distrust towards your people right now is due to what your government has done instead of what you are.