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Seems like sound principles and suggestions

More Memory, More Problems
The single Postgres setting that almost took down our database

>Heidi Siegmund Cuda interviews Pekka Kallioniemi, the Finnish creator of ‘Vatnik Soup’ - a Twitter series and website where he identifies pro-Russian actors and propagandists from around the world

Some review of the changes

>At Google, there was a document put together by Jeff Dean, the legendary engineer, called Numbers every Engineer should know. It’s really useful to have a similar set of numbers for LLM developers to know that are useful for back-of-the envelope calculations.

An example of LLM prompting for programming
>...account of an internal chat with Xu Hao, where he shows how he drives ChatGPT to produce useful self-tested code. His initial prompt primes the LLM with an implementation strategy (chain of thought prompting). His prompt also asks for an implementation plan rather than code (general knowledge prompting). Once he has the plan he uses it to refine the implementation and generate useful sections of code.

>That GPT and other AI systems perform tasks they were not trained to do, giving them “emergent abilities,” has surprised even researchers who have been generally skeptical about the hype over LLMs. “I don’t know how they’re doing it or if they could do it more generally the way humans do—but they’ve challenged my views,” says Melanie Mitchell, an AI researcher at the Santa Fe Institute. Interesting article trying to peak inside of LLM.

Open Source MongoDB Alternative FerretDB Now Generally Available
>FerretDB, an open-source MongoDB alternative database, recently announced its general availability. Released under the Apache 2.0 license, the project allows developers to use existing PostgreSQL infra to run MongoDB workloads.

New talk: Learning DNS in 10 years
By Julia Evans. Nice walkthrough on learning and troubleshooting, using DNS as example.

Ukraine forced to update Himars software after Russia jams rockets
>Ukraine has been forced to update the software on its Himars rockets because Russian forces have learned to jam their GPS guidance systems.

"...The premise of the paper is that while OpenAI and Google continue to race to build the most powerful language models, their efforts are rapidly being eclipsed by the work happening in the open source community..."

I have it - it is pretty cheap and stats are nice

AWS Updates the Well-Architected Framework
Even if you are not using AWS - there is a ton of info to learn from.

Saving for the comparison with the next year

Load Balancing
Excellent article on http load balancing by [@samwho@hachyderm.io](https://hachyderm.io/@samwho)

There are many ways to play with it - one of them is https://github.com/nomic-ai/gpt4all . As for the strangeness, I would say it depends on the prompt (input).

Emergence.. fascinating. Curiouser and curiouser.

Still, Sourcegraph is on fire.

Looks like he actually caught himself..

Quantum computers may finally have their first real practical use
>Methods to generate the random numbers we need for secure communications are all flawed in some way, but quantum computers that exist today could produce random numbers that can't be faked

DJ Wolfram delivers a mix.

tik šortus reikės rodyt ;)

no arm docker build though…

actually there is a ipfs mirror for that, albeit just a dump of the file: /ipfs/QmVCjhoEFC9vwvaa8bKyJgwAByP4MXSogcyDGoz4Lkc3ox

Worth noting - article is written with regard to “native” AWS encryption, but if you use LUKS or other disk encryption setup - AWS can still snapshot running VMs. It is all about the trust. :(

love these kind of unexpected information transfers

maybe we can host the dump somehow in ipfs or similar storage?

Who knew? Remember - most of the data in most apps is managed so poorly that almost anybody can access it in the org.

don’t know, but i hope it will not

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Using most of the time — works, but has some quirks. Very good for some blog sites ;)

Thank you, this was very liberating :)

This is what I was thinking as well regarding the suggestion, not sure if that it is solvable…

The more - the merrier. I hope that it will help polish Linux based software even more.