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cross-posted from: https://lemmygrad.ml/post/356919 > >‘*Omar al-Mokhtar is considered the great symbol for the Libyan resistance (Jihad) against the Italian occupation. In 1922 he reorganized the Mojahideen and re-ignited the resistance against Italy after World War I when the [Fascists] thought that they succeeded in silencing the Libyan resistance. Omar Al-Mokhtar was ill [a] couple of times and many of his comrades asked him to retire and leave the country; he was [nearly] 80 years old. But he refused and kept fighting and he deserved a name given to him as “The Lion of the Desert.” On 16 September, 1931 the [Fascists] hanged Omar Al-Mokhtar in the city of Solouq and they forced the Libyans to watch their hero be hanged. [No consideration to Omar Al-Mokhtar's old age, no consideration to international law and no consideration to world war treaties.](https://web.archive.org/web/20191105000003/http://www.libyanet.com/omar001.htm)*’ > > ([Source.](https://archive.is/20121216130041/permai1.tripod.com/umar.html) Note that the ‘Mojahideen’ is not to be confused with the unrelated Afghan mujahideen.) > > As paraphrased in the dramatization [*Lion of the Desert*](https://yewtu.be/watch?v=4qhHpfHgyUU), to General Rodolfo Graziani: > > >‘*We will never surrender. We win, or we die. […] You will have the next generation to fight, and after the next, the next. As for me, I will live longer than my hangman.*’ > > — Omar al-Mukhtar (1862–1931)

Also, critically, the majority of Mainland Chinese people (as surveyed by Western organisations like Harvard), support the CPC

This information would have been useful if people in China were not forbidden from not supporting it.

Therefore, one, the Chinese people in China don’t want or need your white saviour complex.

So then why would they need a communist party, which brings the message of salvation from a white European man? You call that representing Chinese values?

Two, this notion that the people and the government exist as separate, independent entities where you can hate one and love the other, is entirely nonsensical.

People everywhere in the world hate their governments. That’s quite normal. In the USA there are people who hate the US government but it doesn’t mean they hate themselves. A government is not this kind of sacrosanct symbol or representation of the nation as you are claiming, unless you believe in fascism where the state is supposedly this kind of unquestionable embodiment. In the USA that notion of, “If you question the government you hate America,” was held very strongly by the far-right. I would say it’s a far-right value.

In any case, well-off people who sit atop a powerful and wealthy state are not in the same class as the working poor. Xi Jinping doesn’t work. He’s just a wealthy politician. His wealth is supported by the impoverished Chinese who sleep in the factories where they work. Then you tell me, that I must love the CPC in order to love China? No thanks. China existed for thousands of years without it and will in the future will continue to do so.

This graphic is extremely misleading. I wonder, did you even read it before posting it? It only gives five examples, all of which are invalid. There are four examples of racism not at all related to political opposition to the Chinese communist party, and the fifth one is political but not racist. For most of them the PRC did not even exist at that time.

This is a strange and illogical presentation. Whoever made this was just begging for a conclusion they had no evidence for.

If you just want to say, “Oh there’s a history of racism against Chinese”, yes that’s true, but stop using that as an excuse for silencing legitimate criticism of bad policies. It’s only convenient and useful for you to talk about racism against Chinese, but you don’t say anything about when people in China are racist themselves.

The worst government is the one that uses mass surveillance

Cooperation beats competition every time

What I find convenient about admining a room is that you can easily block users and then automatically delete their message history as well, so since you can undo whatever they do, even if they are able to join and succeed temporarily, in the long term their efforts amount to nothing.

You also have fine-grained control over permissions so you can even make it like IRC or XMPP where rooms with severe moderation problems can be made so the default role when a user joins does not allow them to send messages until you give them voice, so to speak.

It may be necessary for some economies, but otherwise it’s also inevitable. At the very least it must be tolerated

On that note, Putin’s approval rating is said to be very high. I don’t know if it’s accurate though, but Russia certainly does have its right-wing nationalists and people who believe the propaganda.

There are good people from Russia, but Russia can and does make people bad. It’s a country where severe levels of bigotry, racism, homophobia, antisemitism, and other similar things are normalized. I live in the former USSR and people here who are more Russianized develop a superiority complex where they look down on everyone else. I’ve continuously been told by them, that they think the US is an awful country because it’s full of black people and run by gays and Jews. I’ll never get used to it.

I’d have to know the person first before judging them personally, but if you’re asking me to just blindly choose to accept either a Russian or Ugandan immigrant, I’ll choose the Ugandan.

Also I am not Estonian.

Personally I can imagine different cases. There are Russians fleeing who strongly oppose Putin and his war. Even just normal people who would like to get away from sanctions, or can’t toerlate life in a country like Russia in general. I don’t have an issue with such people, but then there are possibly also wealthy/corrupt Russians who are good with Putin but just want to enjoy themselves in Europe while normal Russians suffer under sanctions. I would not want to let those people travel.

Really hard to understand why you compared this to color.

What would you say are the benefits of this? Surely Russians fleeing Russia are not the ones responsible for the war on Ukraine

Iran has announced this many times over the past several years. I don’t know to what extent they have succeeded in using crypto, though. This would be good to cross-post to !iran@lemmy.ml

XMPP Toki Pona Chat Room
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/82155 > Toki! > > I started a chat room for anyone here using XMPP. All of the offical toki pona chats and forums are on platforms I don't care to use, so I thought I would create a room for anyone else in my shoes. > > [tomo laso](xmpp:toki@inn.treeblue.space?join) > > Drop on by! I am new to toki pona myself, and the room is young and quiet. Feel free to come make some noise :)

Regarding Peter Bourgon's Excommunication
I read in the news that Peter Bourgon was officially excommunicated from Go "community spaces". I'm curious if this community space, [!golang@lemmy.ml](https://lemmy.ml/c/golang), plans to comply with the ban. I think it would be useful to identify and support spaces that will not carry it out.

Room Announcement
Recently [room-announcement@chat.disroot.org](xmpp:room-announcement@chat.disroot.org?join) was created in order to announce rooms on XMPP. I was thinking Lemmy might also be a good tool to use for something like this. The question is, should we use c/xmpp for this or create another community? In my opinion, the former seems more logical given the fact that announcements probably won't come often enough to warrant the creation of a separate community page, and this community already has a decent number of subscribers.

Congratulations on the Month of Rajab
Everybody knows that Ramadan is the holiest month on the Islamic calendar, but what is Rajab? It is two months before Ramadan, followed by the month of Sha'aban. These two preceding months are important to Muslims because they are a prelude leading up to Ramadan. In other words, when Rajab arrives, that is when we start getting excited. :)