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Not currently, no, ppl just need to start using the display names properly.

We’re also thinking about adding a Description field to community, just like the site has, for html meta tags.

I support the new rules, and anyone who disobeys gets this treatment : .

Seriously tho I like the idea that its advice-focused. My only preference is that ppl ask lemmy support-type questions in other places like !lemmy_support@lemmy.ml.

If you ask this on !communism101@lemmygrad.ml , you’ll likely get more cordial and patient answers than you’re expecting.

Show yourself coward.

That simply means that development isn’t out in the open. Why would you not push branches and do code reviews out in the open for an ostensibly open source project?

Thanks for linking Libresignal, read over its readme.

But really 3rd party clients are beside the point: the main thrust of the article is about signal being a single, us domiciled, centralized service. They don’t let you self host a server, and you also have no way of verifying their server code. You just have to “trust them”.

Not yet, and I haven’t started advertising it yet or anything.

Its probably more trustworthy than signal, but any service that isn’t federated or self hostable is dead in the water imo.

Frankly, these are the exact same defenses you hear of companies like apple, who also run centralized services, yet their userbases are utterly convinced of their privacy.

You can’t just say things like “the evidence against them is circurmstancial”, for centralized services. It all boils down to “gut feelings”, rather than the reproducibility requirements that the self hosted solutions must pass. Don’t trust these companies by default, and never take a pretty ui or branding polish as a stand in for trust.

Phone number ids, and centralized, us based services wouldn’t be acceptable for any privacy oriented chat app. Signal also shouldn’t get a pass.

I can tell you, publishing source code is as easy as typing git push. That they needed to “clean things up” at all in an ostensibly open source codebase is sus.

https://archive.is/Rz6Qa near the bottom.

The forks also aren’t federated, making them dead in the water imo.

That honestly does make me question those projects a bit more, and should put some more scrutiny on them. Radio free asia is not looking out for open source, they’re trying to get a jump on coopting projects, because no one else is funding open source.

Federated / P2P is a must IMO for any messaging service, so that rules out any signal or fork, even if its self hostable, which I assume molly is.

That is definitely sus, and makes me scrutinize briar a little bit more. Its probably okay for now, because unlike signal, its decentralized, and the f droid builds are from source.

Also, its not that signal just got lazy with letting their code get out of sync. They chose not to publish updates for their server for a whole year, until the open source community got really angry, and then they finally relented. If I or any open source maintainer did that, we’d rightly be abandoned. Some here are giving signal a pass for it tho.

Haha thanks. Its impossible for it not to be controversial, for some reason I’ve found signal fans to be more fanatical in their loyalty to it than most advocates of other privacy apps.

Of course, I never said it was founded by radio free asia, just that it got its initial funding from them. The only thing thats up for debate there, is their continued involvement.

But based on them defending signal from critics as recently as a few years ago.

2ndly, open source doesn’t mean too much for centralized services that aren’t self hostable, and especially ones that delay their source code updates until the community wonders why there haven’t been any after a full year.

How do you feel about marlinspikes ruthlessly banning all third party clients and server implementations? Or his choice of phone # identifiers?

Lemmy.ml now uses open federation.

You no longer have to ask us to add you manually, you can subscribe and interact without the approval process. …

Fixed several critical websocket bugs. …


Iframely is our embed / picture thumbnail fetcher for external sites. But its extremely heavy, unreliable ( crashes a lot ), and doesn’t build for ARM…

Lemmy instance list updated!

If your instance doesn’t have a description, please edit it in your instance settings (It will be the Description field, above the sidebar), and we’ll pick that info up on our next update of join-lemmy