I always liked looking into infinity mirrors.

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Yeah man, we solved racism!


Happy colonization day!
🎉🥳 /s :/

“view of the sea or view of the road?”

“As a patriot, i’ll take the road view”

What your point, i’m not following lol

I tried moving it, it's like anchored to the ground somehow. How? If you see furniture lying around, not a bad idea to put them at bus stops that don't have a sitting area. Seems like a pretty low bar for activism 🙂

RIP me when i eventually get picked up by the police and they check my posting history - they'll kill me for sure.

TIL: Propagandhi released an album which was "dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department"
In 2005, the Canadian punk rock band Propagandhi released the album Potemkin City Limits, including the song "The Bringer of Greater Things", which was "dedicated to Rodney Naistus, Neil Stonechild and Lawrence Wegner, murdered by members of the Saskatoon Police Department" (album liner notes).

Provincial and territorial income tax percentages
Honestly I'm surprised about how the provinces weigh up compared to the other

That kind of transit system sounds like it’s straight out of sci-fi. Over here I’m led to believe we don’t have the technology, money to make it happen

Opinion: If you want people to use the public transit system, punctuality is more important than both speed and frequency. Vancouver metro review.
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ml/post/303734 > So, I live in Vancouver, Canada, we have a pretty famous automated metro system called the Skytrain. I don't drive and do not own a car, so I use public transit for absolutely everything. And after the *automated* train I'm on unexpectedly stopped at a station for an extra five minutes longer, causing me to miss my connecting bus by two minutes, and in turn missing my second connection, I'm standing in a deserted transit exchange in the dead of night while needing to pee really bad (there are no public bathrooms anywhere in the Vancouver transit network) as I type this for all of you, expecting to be home by at the earliest 1:30 AM instead of right now, at 12:30 AM. Because of a five minute delay. Yeah. > > Ignoring the question of *how the hell does a completely automated train system get delayed at night, when every train is less than a quarter full and barely anyone gets on or off*, I'm left pondering what makes a good public transit system that is capable of supporting the daily schedules of everyone in the city, and actually stands to entice people to forgo cars for transit. And in my opinion, contrary to popular belief and transit company marketing, the most important part is punctuality, not raw speed, or even service frequency. > > The thing about public transit is that only a minority of trips require no transfers. For all the other times, you'll need to make at least one connection, with the average being potentially two or three depending on the exact system. And this is when the lack of punctuality can really screw you over, with severity increasing exponentially the more connections you have. If your transit system is a little slow, that's okay because people can easily plan for it. If your transit system isn't as frequent as you'd like, you can plan for that too, and an expected wait is always better than an unexpected wait. The key is planning. Planning is easy nowadays, with tons of apps that do an excellent job of laying out the best route for you, complete with telling you the expected time you should leave, when you'll arrive, and how long a wait at each connection. Even with a not so fast and not so frequent transit syatem, just tell the app when you need to be at your destination, and it will still be serviceable. There are even excellent open source apps for this if you hate Google and co, like I do. > > But, if there's a delay, even by a few minutes on an hour long trip, it can and will throw a monkey wrench into this whole thing. If you miss one connection, you will miss every other one afteraward, and could end up very late even in a fast and frequent transit system. That's when you potentially start losing opportunities, like missing a big job interview, date, etc, and you can bet that the one time you're catastrophically late is the one time you absolutely can't be, and the one time everything runs smoothly is the time you don't give a crap when you arrive. This is *far* more harmful to the passengers, and the reputation of public transit as a viable means of getting around the city, than if the system is a little slow or not that frequent, because, again, the difference is whether you can easily plan ahead to compenaate for it. > > Take Japan for example, where even though both their intra- and intercity transit are both crazy fast and crazy frequent, the thing that locals there are by far the most proud of in their transit network is its punctuality, and in the rare cases where there *is* a delay, people have been documented getting extremely angry with the transit staff as if they personally injured them. > > Anyway, these are just my pissed off, sleep deprived, full bladder thoughts while waiting to go home. What do you think? Do you agree or disagree, and why or why not?

It's more effective to donate money to registered charities (tax deductions) in Canada?
cross-posted from: https://lemmy.ca/post/161513 Then it is to donate money to unregistered charities/like random homeless people? I have no idea how tax deductions work in Canada ( my country ) though. Effective being cost-effective for me as the donor, since I can get a tax deduction, it gives me more dollars I can donate.

f it, lets just ban all forms of transportation that isn’t cars. f exercise, f climate change

the left is dead in this country

What's the difference between vehicle registration, insurance and license plates in canada?
Like i thought license plate = you registered your vehicle which means gov gave you the plate to stick on your car and gov won't give you plate unless you have insurance. Do license plates expire? (in gov terms, i'm not talking about rusting)

Do you guys pay GST on your electricity bill too? Why is there GST on electricity but not on bananas?
Both are essential to live. I pay GST on my home electricity, not like I'm running a business

Simplii bank info
TFSA: Must do 1 transaction in tfsa per 2 yrs to maintain active TFSA acct, otherwise acct goes dormant. No interest while the acct is dormant. 0.1% interest per year. (1000$ grows to 1001$) Interest is deposited into the acct monthly. simplii has mutual funds and gic s. No brokerage accounts. --- Simplii high interest saving account - Interest deposited last day of the month. Interest is on calculated based on every day of the month except the last day. Unlimited transactions to/from chequing. Transfers from chequing to savings and back is unlimited. 0.1%/yr interest rate --- No fee Chequing acct - 0$ - 25000$ 0.01% interest, 25001++ 0.05%. unlimited transactions.

id be nice if the t4s had employer address/phone numbers. Your link didnt work

I’ve read a bit about proof of stake problems.

Which cryptocurrency do you think is 1) green enough and 2) has potential for actual usage one day?

When you said opportunities, i thought you meant for not business owners :p

I contacted them. They replied:

"Yeah we don’t have sponsorships.

Just organizations that helped build the structure that we post “Thank you” bits for.

We’ve been very adamant on not having any sponsorship.

We just try and do mutual aid. "

"We could have, yes. But many people didn’t want their names available online but rather their companies. This has allowed other orgs in town looking to build community fridges the opportunity to reach out to folks familiar with the build. "

Does anything else work like this as an example?

Like if walking up a staircase uses 1 cal of energy, walking up 2 staircase uses 2 cal

Too complicated for me, if it costs say 1 kwh to do 1 transaction, why would it later cost 2 kwh for 1 transaction?

Good eye! I ran out of space and time