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Bruh this is a child murderer. Twice. Forgive me but I don’t particularly care about the well being of people like that.

The Netherlands currently “own” more territory outside of Europe than in it. Guessing that land wasn’t exactly obtained peacefully or the existing people there treated particularly well during the… Acquisition.

Also, a huge number of ongoing geopolitical and socioeconomic problems in places like Southeast Asia and Africa are directly caused by Dutch colonialism. Actually, this is true for literally every European country and their “former” colonies, a fact which they conveniently overlook when talking about human rights in those regions.

Ooh better take them seriously when they consider something a genocide! We’re hearing this from one of the pioneers of genocide here, so if anyone knows what counts as genocide or not, it’s them!

The worst thing about this is that she’s being sent from a country with the death penalty to one without.

I mean, at this point I’d be disgusted, but not surprised.

I’m sure a lib will come by and explain why that’s totally different shortly.

The arts are watered down and bent over backwards for profit.

See: All the mainstream media franchises.

Also see: All the tax evasion schemes billionaires have devised involving the arts.

Damn. Another reason to not to use 'em then

The server side is proprietary? Like, do you mean the snapcraft.io thing or the package server? I thought Snaps worked off the same “alphabetical nested folder being hosted as an open directory with a text file for the index” system that most package managers used. In fact isn’t it pretty easy to go into the client and change where it downloads packages from?

I consider Pop OS the de-bullshitted version of Ubuntu.

Biggest issue: Free and nonfree packages in the same repository. If you’re on the command line, you have no idea which is which. Goes against the principles of free software. For me to even consider using a package manager it better not have nonfree packages by default, you should need to issue a command to activate a completely separate nonfree repository (so I can avoid that command like the plague), you know, like how apt, dnf, pacman etc do it?

Yeah no. Biden Administration isn’t going to do anything. The only way that the US can actually start seriously contributing to conservation is by first going through a fundamental overhaul of the government to something not hanging by the marionette strings of gigacorporations.

IMHO, I’d support specifying it as Marxist. It’s still fairly general unlike something like Marxist-Leninist (though I’d support specifying that too).

I mean, how many households have upgraded their router hardware since 2016? Not that many I imagine, I haven’t and probably won’t until my current one dies.

An anecdote so take it with a grain of salt: An artist once released a torrent of their album with a donation link attached, and got more money from that than all the “legal” sales combined.

Another anecdote: a professor once asked all their students to show him the hundred plus dollar textbook they got for the course, that he had written. And once they did he gave them something like two dollars, saying “sorry you had to buy that, but this is all I got from it and I’m giving my cut back to you”.

Both publishers and record labels give authors/artists literal pennies for each copy sold. This is a well documented open secret. You’re not really supporting them by buying from the usual channels, giving one or a few dollars on whatever donation link or tip jar they have on their social media or website is in all likelihood more money they’ll ever get from you buying their content. Barely Sociable on YouTube has two great videos about this, at least for the music industry.

Yeah! How dare they checks notes provide knowledge for free!

Isn’t this basically just a local proxy that sinkholes certain domains? You can pretty easily set that up yourself.

I just have my internet traffic running through a proxy server at home that has PiHole installed, I have a few reasons for doing this instead of just setting my DNS to the PiHole (my VPN provider limits the number of logged on devices, so I have my proxy seever routing traffic into a single OpenVPN connection, this way all my devices appear as only one), but obviously you can just change your DNS for a similar effect with way less effort. Don’t want to set up PiHole? There are public DNS providers that do ad and tracker blocking.

All in all, DDG’s solution is hardly an innovation worth reporting on. It’s just packaged up more nicely and with marketing (you know, like this article).

At least calling people directly is going out of style. There’s a TCP-esque handshake process now:

ping “Hey, can you jump on VideoOrAudioChatApp real quick?”

ping “Yeah sure.”

ring ring