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Is your server open to sign ups? If so, I might consider making an account!

The Queen lobbies to change laws to her liking.

I thought that was explicitly against their constitution? Though, it’s par for the course for legislation to not apply to the elite of the West, so…

Japan is very much under the thumb of the US, I’d be very surprised if they weren’t already “unofficially” in Five Eyes.

You can technically compile it yourself for any phone. I think it’s just that they only officially release for Pixels.

VSCode is more functional and uses less resources than a comparable open source C++ editor, for example QT Creator […]

QT Creator is a full blown IDE. It would be more fair to compare it to Visual Studio, not Code.

Yes. Actually, apologies for not including the source myself.

It’s about as much politically charged lip service as the UK saying they’ll give citizenships to Hong Kongers wanting to escape from “EVIL CHINA REEEEE” (I don’t even know if they ever actually did, don’t really care).

I check the one and two star reviews mainly to see if there any issues that come up repeatedly. I assume those are a lot less likely to be fake than positive reviews.

People are afraid that AI will “turn” evil but don’t realize that AI being made by evil humans in the first place is the bigger threat…

Probably because IBM wants people to use Redhat, which is paid.

Who said that CentOS was dead just because it switched to Stream?

People using it for servers, which was CentOS’s biggest userbase.

OpenSUSE’s parent company went public on the stock market not long ago, so I’m definitely weary of it now since most stock investors only give a shit about profits.

It’s open source, it’s decentralized, and for lemmy.ml specifically, there are a lot of leftists here,

No, there’s a meme going around that all birds are government drones. I think it started on /r/birdsarentreal on Reddit.

The sun would be the source of power.

In the vacuum of space, you need to eject mass to move. Unless you’re talking about a light sail, which is limited to tiny objects. I don’t know how the mars missions worked, but I imagine they would take advantage of Mars’s (thin, but still present) atmosphere.