The heck is this nonsense? Instance admins please take note of this attempt to mislead the community members.

Also I made the post discussing soferman’s month long comment and post history, if anyone wants to read and discuss it

Goddammit, blocking users and communities can’t come soon enough! I joined lemmy because I wanted to find an alternative to reddit that was more civil and less of a cesspool. And I find myself scrolling post after post about the same crap.

Both parts disagree, one has been banned, the other hasn’t. What now? Is this going to keep going for much longer? Please admins, implement blocking users and communities as soon as humanely possible I’m really sure it will help us avoid this kind of situations or, at least, reduce them to a minimum.

This is less about blocking IMHO. Users like these need to be confronted in public, with the way I do. Admins are working on solutions, though, after what all I faced a good while ago.

So, with this third issue with a same person being read by a wide public… can this be classified as official fedi drama?


we did it redd … oh sorry, we did it Lemmy! we had our first drama! time to make c/LemmyMuseum and immortalize this achievement!



the show must go on This drama keeps givin and givin Shakespearean af Michaeljacksonpopcorn.jpeg


drama finds a way …

into Lemmyyyyy aww yyyeeaaaaaaaaaa…


109d why did you do this?

I can change it back, but it’s ultimately another world news group. Changed it because I felt it just looks so cringe with ‘liberal’ in the name, If it’s not okay to have alternative world news groups I’ll change it. (I’ll also change it in the meantime)

Edit: I also thought the logo would make it pretty apparent that it was a seperate group. Thought most people would be familiar with the logo after all the drama.

It is cringe, but what is liberal anyhow? Is it not entirely different depending on which side of the pond you reside on? And the point of news being reporting with the goal of delivering truthful news with as little bias as possible. Where each and everyone gets to be the judge on its level of bias - to actually seek out politically skewed “news” on purpose is like putting a blinker hood or covering your ears while someone with an opposing view speaks going “LALALALA!!”*. Or it could also be likened to drinking the Kool-aid. Or maybe going ”Yes mr Salesperson I’ll have your non-stick pans and juice cleansing kit because I like what you say about them”.

Why not just have the one world news community and let the comment section brawl out what bias the articles possess or not?

I am banned from worldnews anyway, so i don’t have much of a choice but to use my time on liberal news instead.

But I think it will be a better group that worldnews anyway.

They want to create a political rift in Lemmy community. I need no more convincing after a month of this BS.

I am concerned about the sockpuppet account abuse as well here, somehow there are exactly 4 downvotes on both posts and they do not concern any other user. Might be a good idea to implement what I proposed to nutomic a month or so ago, which he wrote up on github.


My lord, the human thought- and keyboard-punching spent on this thing is amazing - as the late great Pink Floyd once said: breath, breath-in the air.

They changed it, interesting



I thought ! had simply its logo changed. This is deception!

I reuploaded image of the OG World News and the fake world news by showing them in the Lemmy feed besides the sublemmy homepages

It was not the intention to deceive anyone, thought the logo would make it apparent enough

I was NOT trying make any drama. But I see why it has happened and I am sorry for that.

I saw that and thought soferman was unbanned. Confusing

They are quite a malicious actor in my eyes, seeking to manipulate or destroy Lemmy using loopholes. But they are no match for me.

Bumping thread, this needs urgent attention, soferman or BrownJenkin is downvoting it

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