It only took 62 years, but it seems young conspiracy theorists have discovered the massively successful British pop band The Beatles, and they have some thoughts. On Twitter, Sameera Khan, a self-proclaimed "anti-woke" journalist shared a photo of The Beatles' album cover Yesterday and Today which f...

Damn, what will happen when they see the million black metal albums out there?


Exactly. Time feels like a flat circle: in the 60s many conservatives accused The Beatles of siding with the devil, getting involved with the occult and corrupting the youth. Now QAnon folks claim similar things, only with a new wrapping. This excerpt from a Rolling Stone article also made me crack up:

Yet another QAnon believer, under a post connecting the song “Piggies” to the Manson Family murders of 1969, has it that the Beatles got some of their lyrics from Charles Manson, and that all of them were part of a Tavistock psyop. This led to some bickering when someone else disagreed, and eventually devolved into two boomers arguing over who was the true Beatles expert. “I was a fan of the Beatles after Ed Sullivan,” said the first, while the second shot back that they “lived in Kirby in 1962,” an English town near Liverpool where the band played a show that year. The first user then enigmatically replied, “Sometimes the soldier in the foxhole is the last to know.” Further down in the thread, a third party wrote, apropos of the earlier Manson reference, “sharon tate was a man sorry to burst your bubble.”

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