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Saw these guys in concert nearly 20 years ago and appreciate what they do, although I can’t say I care for all of their music they’ve written some great pieces over the years. This single didn’t appeal to me but I hope the album is good.

2seitsemän päivää

Whoa, I’m part jealous! Their 1994 album “Dogman” is really ballsy. Hope the upcoming album reaches the same heights.

2kuusi päivää

I’m not a good fan so I haven’t listened to all their albums. For a long time the only thing I had from them was a “best of” CD and I loved it. Later I got Ogre Tones and Live All Over The Place, and finally XV. XV was my less favorite, but Ogre Tones in my opinion is worth listening to. I am not sure how this latest album will hold up against it.

Since I’ve neglected their early work I should go download their discography. I’ve tried Out Of The Silent Planet before and couldn’t get into it.

Dogman was one of the songs I saw them perform live. Because they were only the opening act they only did like two songs. Great experience, though!

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