You could argue that the debut record is the classic (opening with Sailing on!] or rock for light, but the set of demo recordings from 1979 is a great collection of tunes. Recorded at inner ear (from the wikpedia article)

Inner Ear then consisted of Zientara’s basement, outfitted with a 4-track TEAC quarter-inch tape deck and a small drum booth set up to one side.[3] Dr. Know, Jenifer, and Hudson set up in the basement space.[3] Since it lacked an isolation booth, H.R. ran his vocal mic out to the back yard and performed there

I don’t have the liner notes in front of me but I believe its the son of the studio owner talking to the singer outside at the start of regulator.

Americansongwriter It’s a breathless, often exhilarating, always intense ride with the 16 cuts barely breaking a half hour. All but one is under three minutes with a handful under two.

Post about your essential albums from your collection - albums that should be on the doco series! Albums should be 10+ years or older.

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