ex Cross-post material to other instances and make new sublemmies on other instances.

Im not sure how to accomplish this. In something like reddit, they could do something like upvotes from a foreign instance counts as x3 upvotes. I have my upvotes turned off on lemmy though.



I think the simplest solution to prevent centralization on one instance is if this feature were implemented (there’s already an issue on the github for it, but it’s not high priority): For example, lemmy.ml/A/asklemmy would show posts from all /C/asklemmy from all federated instances, not just lemmy.ml’s asklemmy, so it wouldn’t matter on what instance you made a post within a community, they’d all show up there, if you chose to use that link.

You could still use individual communities on different instances, but you could also treat them as a single unified connected thing if you wanted to.

As it is now, communities on smaller instances get completely ignored.


I think this is more of a content/curation issue than a structural one. While you might find a way to improve discovery of communities on the platform, at the moment you are able to do so with a litle effort via communities/all

Bottom line. An external instance has to have something you want that cannot be found locally. One approach - Lemmy.ml could look to curate its communites and provide a method to redirect communities better suited to other instances. This adds to the workload/interactions between admins., though.

125 päivää

if generalist communities like /lego are being set up on lemmy main its pretty much the flagship. I dont think the smaller generalist instances will grow.

425 päivää

The obvious step you could take would be to find communities you like on other instances and post there yourself. If you consistently provide good posts, people will enjoy being there, subscribe, and create their own posts.

Lemmygrad has fostered a good Star Wars community this way.

325 päivää

Small nudges such as limiting the amount of users and communities on an instance can drastically improve decentralization.
Another suggestion would be making it more intuitive to navigate and subscribe to federated communities from the UI. Currently, the “all” feed in Lemmy favors content from LemmyGrad unless the sorting method for all is changed from active to hot, which should be the default unless set manually.

124 päivää

Great ideas!

Anything about the lemmy.ml instance and its moderation.

For discussion about the Lemmy software project, go to !lemmy@lemmy.ml.

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