The DOWNFALL of Joe Rogan - And Why his Subreddit TURNED ON HIM For Becoming a Conservative BOOMER
Joe Rogan has created a podcasting empire. Becoming insanely popular on YouTube and podcasting sites, Rogan signed a multimillion dollars exclusivity deal wi...

Don’t think I’ll bother watching, his debates with vegans were enough for me.

He’s such a complete phony too. One time he was trying to be friendly with a vegan guest and said that he only eats meat that he kills himself and he talked trash on people who buy meat at the supermarket. Then a couple years later he was doing ad read for some meat delivery company and talked about how much he loves them, and all of his favorite cuts he liked to order and it seemed pretty genuine that he does order all that.

isn’t he still the biggest podcaster around?

Popularity doesn’t preclude a person from having their downfall, I think it just means its delayed. The point of this video isn’t to demonstrate that Rogan isn’t popular, it’s to point out that a considerable portion of his long-time followers are jumping ship because the captain’s losing his mind.

is there a Too Long Too Watch summary?

i can’t give 35min of my lifetime…

Joe Rogan said some shit like “geTa A VVork!! u LaZyyy miLLen1als!!1!!” and he is with that mindset whereas years back he was telling his fans to quit their jobs and pursue their dreams and stuff like that. I think there has to be a few other kind of things, basically he becoming more right wing, which could be the expression of him getting quite a lot of money for basically being in front of a camera saying stupid shit and money transforming him into a piece of reactionary shit.

hmm I don’t know, sorry. It’s not that dense with information anyways, so maybe skip this one if you’re tight on time ^^

He’ll suffer terribly with $100m Spotify dollars in his pocket. Oh, the humanity.

Same for Maher.


Looks interesting, might watch later

Neat vids from youtube or wherever. Rules later

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