Obviously, things supporting Nazis should definitely not be allowed, but this is what I mean by non-condemning portrayals: In historical flight simulator games, there is often the option to fly Nazi planes, same with tank and ship simulators. There are scale models of Nazi military vehicles for sale. There are replicas of Nazi uniforms being sold, documentaries on how Nazi vehicles worked, historical simulators where you play as a Nazi soldier etc. These portrayals take more or less a neutral stance to the Nazis, where they’re just trying to represent something related to them without saying whether they’re for or against them.

A lot of people say that Nazis are part of world history and so these politically neutral depictions are okay, some even say they have educational value. But this is why I disagree: One, you don’t have to learn about Nazi military vehicles to learn about the history of the Nazis, so what do you gain from them? Plus, IMO the history of Nazis is best taught in the context that they were terrible, with a focus on the atrocities they committed. I think the “those who do not learn from history” line is irrelevant because do we really need to preserve these details in order to preserve the fact that Nazis should be universally hated?

These portrayals can also attract actual Nazis, even if that’s a small portion of the consumer base. Finally, they have the possibility of desensitizing people to Nazi content so they’re more easily roped into their propaganda if they’re ever exposed to it.

If all non-condemning portrayals of Nazis were “censored,” I honestly wouldn’t lose any sleep over it. In fact, I’m pretty sure they’re already banned in countries like China (someone who knows anything about it please confirm or deny), which has a no tolerance policy on fascist or Nazi ideology.

I’m using Nazis as my example here, but this can apply to any objectively horrible thing in history.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree, and why?

3kaksi vuotta

No, it shouldn’t be made illegal, but, I mean unless it’s for like historical reasons and probably even then…is there even really a justification for creating art supporting Nazism? And IDK about others, but being black, it’d be hard for me to envision making something neutral in regards to the Third Riecht.

kaksi vuotta

Counter point (I hope this doesn’t get taken out of context): The more you demonize something an/or try to push it under the rug, the more it becomes attractive to certain people, especially teenagers. Always portraying the Nazis as evil, instead of just unenthusiastically treating them as another fact of history, is likely to have an unintended effect on these people.

Its a bit like with drug prohibition, it being forbidden is precisely what makes it attractive for some people and once they get into the illegal scene there is a high risk of being exposed to worse and worse types of drugs.

IMHO as of today the best you can probably do is make Nazis really boring ;)

1kaksi vuotta

Yeah, agree on not commodifying Nazi paraphernalia

-1kaksi vuotta

Yes, they should be restricted, we don’t want to make such things appealing to an audience

1kaksi vuotta

However, I don’t think we should stop educational stuff from existing (it could have a age restriction for example) because it is important to be able to recognize Nazi stuff.

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