Trust in Software, an All Time Low
Underjord | Trust in Software, an All Time Low
I don't think I've ever had more distrust and as a consequence distate for software than in recent years. I don't think its just me as a tech-nerd with artisanal tech-carpentry aspirations. I want people to build well, treat their users right and generally exercise some actual restraint. I see it very clearly and I react more viscerally than anyone non-technical in my surroundings. However, I see the frustrations and the consequences everywhere.

“Windows 10, which I liked as much as Windows 7 at the start, has slowly rotted on me, or just ground me down to where I find it reprehensible. Where every new notification, interruption, thing changing under my feet or update that bricks my entire computer, just pokes straight at the raw exposed nerve ending that used to be a thick skin.”

For all things Windows.

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