I thought this would be good to share, its an excerpt from an unpublished interview written in december 2020 about Lemmy’s origins and goals. …


Ban farewell posts as a rule

No need for the drama really but criticism posts obviously should be allowed. …

Filter communities in "local" feed

Hey, is there a way to ignore/filter/block communities in local feed? I don’t want to have to subscribe to nearly-everything just to filter out content from a few very noisy subs if possible…

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Cross-federation with Pleroma?

Is there a good place to follow the status of cross-federation with Pleroma? Like a PR or issue on Github?..

A little tag if commenting user has up-voted a topic?

This could be some incentive for up-voting relevant topics. Maybe also a tag indicating a commenting user has joined the community they are posting in?..

Now is your chance to promote Lemmy to your friends ;)…

I've changed my mind (Repost, got deleted by admins)

cross-posted from: since it wasn’t allowed and I got banned. Worth checking the original post for comments. …

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Boomarklet or URL slug for "Share it on Lemmy"?

Is there a way I can easily put a button on my website to let people share the current page to their preferred Lemmy instance? Like it exists for other social media sites and some fediverse platforms. …

RSS feed for a community?

Is there a feature to receive RSS feeds for a community?.. now redirects to

This is due to wanting to separate the lemmy flagship instance from the onboarding site…

Concern around CoC's "oppressive"

I am thinking about creating an outpost in Lemmy for Reddit’s r/moderatepolitics subreddit. Briefly, the goal of the subreddit is to bring together a variety of viewpoints with rules that are mostly limited to not attacking other users and some operational rules (e.g. no editorialized headlines). Th…

new mods for some communities ? has all his posts and comments deleted. Last activity is from 8M ago. Idea to find new mods for those communities they were mod for ? Some of them I find pretty relevant communities…

A few months ago I complained that Lemmy wasn’t rendering properly on Pale Moon (this was due to CSS unloading). I don’t know what you guys did (or what Moonchild did), but thanks!..

The comment box doesn't feel like one

The comment box needs some default text like “What are your thoughts?” to just help users identify its a comment box. …

Deleting old comments deleted recent ones

What the title says, anyone else had this? Im on the android app…

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