nAKtiv | nudity activism
If you're interested in this community, this might be a good place to introduce yourself. :) Let us know any of the following: - What kind of skills, passions, and monetary resources you have to offer? - Where you are in the world and in life? - Why do you care enough about this topic to subscribe and/or post?

nAKtiv | nudity activism

    A non-partisan, principally English-language community dedicated to discussion of three interrelated topics:

    1. Real-world activism - not internet activism - that promotes or defends (the availability of) an option to be naked in situations and settings where nudity might be the more comfortable or practical option for some people.

    2. Tactical, strategic, and philosophical questions - and maybe even some practical advice once in the while - about the implementation of nudist, pro-nudist, and in any case more healthy attitudes about the human body in society at large.

    3. The strategic intersection of the struggle for body freedom with other struggles.

    The name nAKtiv is a portmanteau of two German adjectives, nackt and aktiv.


    In addition to the six rules of, we also ask that users of that forum conduct themselves respectfully elsewhere on the internet when using the same account/handle. If an investigation reveals reams of porn, quasi-porn, preoccupation with genitalia and/or erotic scenarios, bigoted statements, or exceptionally questionable political beliefs, we don’t want you here - not because we pass judgment on you (although that might be the case, depending), but because people who are serious about nudism won’t have embarrassing bullshit linked to the accounts they use to post here.


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