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Was about the only interesting thing in the race :D

Yeah. Looking like season domination. Hamilton must be pissed, gg Aston Martin.

> The Grands Prix in Azerbaijan, Austria, Belgium, Qatar, the USA and Brazil are the six races Formula 1 has chosen to host 'sprint' events in 2023. so 6 sprint races confirmed As for this > The format of the event will remain the same as the sprint weekends this year. there was speculation about changing format and points awarded to drivers, but all stand as in 2022 What's your opinion on Sprint Races™? I think the core fans doesn't bother too much, as Grand Prix ™ is the pinacle of the weekend anyway and we would watch **any** Qualy/Sprint format they bring on.

Best run in the conditions and a lucky red flag got him the spot.

Haven't listened yet but interested to hear him talk about his time in the sport.

Only five drivers have scored more wins than Daniel Ricciardo in the last decade…
Only five drivers have scored more wins than Daniel Ricciardo in the last decade. Hamilton Vettel Verstappen Rosberg Bottas Arguably none of his eight wins were achieved with the fastest car on the day. It's a brutal game sometimes.

At least the Ferrari didn’t blow up or break down… Would be said if that was the last event held there, the track is a good mix of sweeping corners and fast straights.

If there was a race to watch as a first timer this might have been it. Pretty much covered the range of tactics and what could happen in an F1 race.

Great oppportunity

Happy for the guy to be able get a great result after all the flak.

Edit title - I didnt really think verstappen braved anything more that the other drivers. In form best car hes ahead by a mile. ALONSO! and Haas woo! I havent watched a canadian GP before but looking forward to the midfield scrap. Hopefully Norris/Russell can charge up the field as they seem to be good for the overtakes. Vettel Sadface.

From the initial performance Looking like business as usual - Leclerc taking pole but Verstappen blasting past on the straights. Perez must like his chances but who knows how may redflags / escape road exits will be taken in the race...

Danny Ric and Nicholas Latifi are just making up the numbers at the moment -

After last years disappointment I hope he can take the race this year. Blistering pace by the looks. If there is one race I can skip in the season it’s this one. I don’t know why F1 is still here given the car size / track limitations.

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Barcelona Quali - Haas and Mercedes with two in Q3!
Great day for them, not so good for the green red bull :/

Discussion about F1
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